One of Bill's words makes a lot of sense to me: zen predates Buddhism. But I 
would rather that they don't separate. OK, I don't want to get back to those 
'delusional' discussions about morality. It is irrelevant here.

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Hi Bob,

I'm Chris, and I am a little knowlegeable on this subject. There are 
Buddhist monks and nuns. And there are Zen Buddhist monks and nuns. 
As far as I know, there is a difference between traditional buddhism 
and zen buddhism. Zen buddhism has streamlined alot of the dogma, but 
there are still clergy that perform zen buddhist rituals and 

You may be right about the first Buddha, these stories were passed on 
for centuries before being written. And still, differing schools of 
thought brought differing accounts of the Buddha's words and deeds.

Some in this group believe zen is seperate from buddhism altogether, 
like you said Zen is life. Very simple. I think most here can agree 
on that, it is just that there are differing methods that we use to 
come to this realization. Some think that you have to work to 
dissolve the illusions that your ego brings forth. And some may 
believe that all of that work in itself is just an illusion. 

Anyway, it's all about living here and now, being fully in the 
moment. As long as you can do this, the path that brought you here 
doesn't matter. That is, unless someone is asking for directions, I 

Welcome to the group.


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> I have never met any kind of Buddhist monk or nun. I have never met 
any kind of practicioner of Buddhism. I have only met people who 
meditate on various levels. Are there such things as monks and nuns 
of Zen? I have always thought of Zen as very individualistic and 
idiosyncratic. Zen is life. Very simple. Are there big rituals and 
ceremonies in Zen? I kind of doubt if the first Buddha had a zafu 
under the Bodhi tree and even if he sat in a lotus position. These 
are latter day rituals added on for organizational purposes. But is 
Zen supposed to be like this?
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