Like any activity, zazen is most effective when it is comfortable for you.
It's better to sit WELL for 5 minutes than HALF-ASS for 45 minutes; and
better to sit 6 periods of 5 minutes each sprinkled throughout the day then
trying to struggle through 1 period of 30 minutes.  Zen always stresses to
put everything into whatever you're doing.  A zen saying that stresses this
is: 'When sitting, just sit.  When walking, just walk.  Above all don't

The same goes for the time of day.  If you find it convenient for your
schedule to sit first thing in the morning,(as I do) make sure you're fully
awake.  I don't try to sit immediately after getting out of bed.  I ease
into the morning, have a cup of tea and maybe take a shower first.  Don't
try to sit when you're sleepy or thinking about a lot of things - like what
you need to accomplish the rest of the day.  If you're thinking about that,
take some time out, sit down and make a list of what you want to do or
create a little schedule.  When you're satisfied with that you will be
better ready to sit.




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I'm trying to get back into doing Zazen after a time off, and I am finding
it hard. I just can't do a full 30 minutes, find myself getting restless
after 10. I sit in a chair, not in the lotus (not flexible enough) and I do
it first thing after getting up in the morning.

Should I do it at a different time? It's hard to find the same time every
day when I can do it, as my schedule is erratic.

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