Hi DP again:
I paste you here a very beautiful interpretation by Paco Ibanez a great Spanish 
Cantautor of Poetry and also amongst my favourites too!!!.  The song is sang in 
the Vasque Language which it made even more sweet the performance.  The tittle 
of this song : "Death will come and have your eyes" is a poem by the italian 
Pavesse who commited suicidal.  Words are not important to be understood or not 
here instead of that if you let your sensitivity go in a way that you flow with 
the singer and music...You'll be enjoying very much.

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Subject: [Zen] Does anybody here write Haiku?
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I have been writing them for a few months. I've been writing since I was a kid, 
but I find Haiku so relaxing and illuminating, because I love finding the right 

I've been doing traditional Haiku, that is keeping them about subjects like 
nature and actions, rather than just using the form. 

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