I don't guarantee understanding of 'mind' will solve the problem of fear of 
death. Mind is not only a Buddhist concept. For instance, Edgar talks about 
Tao, global spirit or some other big names. It is the same concept that mind 
never dies. In Buddhist terms, it creates everything. So you don't need a God, 
or a Big Bang in a materialistic sense. The world originates from mind and 
reflexes it. Don't be so sure of what you see in the world, because things go 
through your senses before you perceive them. During the process, they may be 
distorted many times. That is why your reflection on the same thing is 
different from another person's. You can understand the source of conflicts 
here. On this forum, there often are arguments about illusion and truth. We 
have to deal with a lot of illusions, as they are everywhere. I hope we don't 
go into philosophical or metaphysical terms. They are boring. What I am 
interested in is specific examples.

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Part of my fear of death is not so much of death but of senility or loss of 
memory. In western terms, that's what I think of as mind. But I have to admit, 
I dont know if I fully understand the Buddhist concept of mind. Can anybody 
help with this?

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