Whereabouts are you blokes from? I lived in Perth for 17 years so feel a real 
connection to Australia (I'm Welsh). My son is based in Darwin with 4 RAR. Good 
to see some Ockers here amongst all the septics ; )


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Welcome Gunnar,
                Another Aussie here.  What a great thing to see. 
                I will be looking forward to your posts as I also study the 
bible and meditate.  I don’t preach or belong to any ‘çhurch’  (in fact its 
a while since I said anything here), I normally just read the posts.  I think 
there is something in the fact that we have 2 eyes and 2 ears but just 1 mouth.
Take care
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Mel is my name. I'm new to the group. I follow the Quaker practise of silent 
contemplation, which is not too far from what they refer to in Soto Zen as zazen

I study the bible, but I also meditate in silence

in peace
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