Hello Audrey:
I've enjoyed listening to your sharing.  Thank you.
The times I participated in retreats by TNH,  there is a daily sharing in the 
afternoon.  This sharing is part of the practise.  It's part of the retreat 
programme.  This practise is also made in the local sangha who usually gathers 
once a week.  After the sitting down session.  We sit down silently in a 
circle.  Every time someone wishes to share something, that person with palms 
together bows to the sangha and the sangha bows back to that person as a 
response.  There are no words in this gesture.   Then, the person starts 
whatever wants to share or say and for as long as that person wants to speak.  
No one can't do  an interruption to the one who speaks.   The practise for the 
listener is to listen very deeply to the one who speaks.  All these is 
made through the awareness of the in and out breathing.   Once the one who 
shares has finished his/her sharing he or with palm together  bows back to the 
sangha and the sangha bows
 back to him or her. I've found this practise very useful by training ourselves 
in attention and listening to others.  This practise show us how the mind is 
continuously judging and how extremely difficult is to listen to a person free 
from any view, judgements, notions....in a few words a great discovery about 
one reaction while listening to others specially if the sharing is tedious or 
tiring, boring....we have to hold there and listening very deeply.  

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Over the past month I have been consumed by worry - about my husband's college 
grades, the house that we're buying (we're waiting to hear back from the bank 
after a month. UGH.), my dog had another colitis "attack" (not fun, but 
manageable), and my half brother (an anonymous surrogate birth) finally found 
us - he's 22 (I don't know what to say! Ack!).
I've always been a worrier. I've worried about the future - and I've worried 
about the past. I've worried about bills. I've worried about my health, and 
that of my family. I've even worried myself into an ulcer, on several 

Over the past week, I have read many articles and information on mindfulness. I 
closed my eyes, stopped to take a breath, and somehow felt a...shift. 

I suddenly just...got it. In my mind's eye, an image of a tomato appeared - and 
I knew what it meant.
In the great Pacific NW, tomatoes haven't been ripening well this year. There 
are still a lot of green tomatoes on the vine. There are a few tomatoes that 
I'm WAITING on - I've seen the hints of yellow and red, and I'm anxious for 
them to ripen so that I can pick and eat 'em. 
I have to accept the tomato - acknowledge it's beauty in it's 
not-quite-red-ness, NOW. Does that make sense? Oh, well - it does to me, anyway.

Here goes:

Tomato blushes,
right mindfulness blossoming
red and green beauty.

Brightest Blessings,


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