Chris, do you possess an academic background in
neurophysiology/neuropsychology etc. ?


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As this thread shows, I initiated such a conversation in April, but
found no fellow readers.

It's ok, as I posted else where recently, the forum is plenty fun
without that particular joy of talking over a shared book.

Actually, my use of the Zen and the Brain book recently has been far
different - when my daughter wants to wake up early and do home work,
I get up with her and sit reading a paper book to keep her company.
Zen and the Brain has been that book.

But, to treat your statement as an invitation:

I will admit, I snuck ahead and read his enlightenment experiences -
they are pretty in line with the ones in Three Pillars of Zen or Sit
Down and Shut Up. The neurology struck me as old fashioned -it's
macro-neurology, and now they are getting into the individual neurons
a bit more, with DNA sequenced receptors and nano-electrodes. Still,
the review of anatomy and such has been invigorating.


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> Chris, what stops you from initiating dialog on 'Zen and the Brain'?

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