Thanks Dear Audrey:
It's a sweet sharing.  Good for you that you managed in this way to stop 
smoking.  I did tried the method of the breathing for years but didn't work out 
for me. 
I don't feel bad about being a smoker but perhaps others do.  It doesn't stop 
me from sitting down, swimming or any other things I like to do.  The only 
problem I have with smoking is social as more and more is less accepted by 
society.  By the way,  have you noticed that the pollution grows in the planet 
and not precisely because of smokers!. 
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When I tried to quit smoking (for the 5th time), I succeeded. 
What worked for me:
I held my fingers up to my lips, as if I had a cigarette between them. I 
inhaled through my fingers, as I would have with a cigarette. I did that for 
5-10 minutes, every time I thought I "needed" a cigarette.
I used to smoke primarily when I was stressed, anxious or nervous. The deep 
breathing between my fingers helped a great deal. Deep breathing might be what 
got me "hooked" on cigarettes when I started smoking.
I looked pretty weird for a while, breathing through my fingers like that (just 
imagine the looks I got in traffic! LOL). But, as time went on, I found that I 
did it less and less - an eventually stopped breathing through my fingers 
altogether. I found, later, that I started to breathe deeper on my own - I 
didn't need to use my fingers against my lips as a cue.
I didn't use patches, or gum - just deep breathing. That's what solved the 
problem for me...although it might not work for someone else, it's definitely 
worth a shot. :)

Brightest Blessings!

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> Mayka,
> Beer mixed with anything else won't taste good. Cocktails are not made from 
> beer, but wisky, cognac, gin, vodka etc. Meditation should help you give up 
> smoking, if you want. However, you should resist temptation to come back to 
> cigarettes for half a year. After that, it is over, and you feel great.
> Anthony

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