ATrip To The Well
byTim Harris 10/26/10

Iask for the water to spill from the well
toallow me to tell some secret wishes,
insightsfrom heaven and hell.
Withouta light
Iclimb down to a higher height
shakesome things free.
Thosereflections could be me.

Fivedecades past
Petalsunfolded, winds blew through
Theday in the sun went too fast
Newdays under a new sun to come

Visiongrowing clear
Musicplays on its own
Feetmarch on
Heartgrows for more
Healedfrom torn
Nomatch yet no different
fromwhen it was born
Opento fill
Stepstaken from seed to mill
Tripsto the well
Roadsfrom heaven to hell

Isee where I stand.
Groundedto the earth.
Flyingin the clouds.
Spottingall the real worth.

Ispin with the wind.
Shinewith the light.
Putup a good fight.
Sleepthrough the night.
Findmy words true.
Frontand center from me to you.
Itcomes from a well
connectedby heaven and hell.

Thewell is full of dancing spirits.
Someold some new.
Aglimpse of their faces holding secrets



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