If the lama starts the process at 10, he will be eighty when he begins the 
Tantric sex. How much viagra is needed?
You are wrong. in one of the stories, the semen obtained from the sex ritual is 
fed to each of the couple. Do you enjoy the story? Or that will cause you 

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Not so fast!
After two decades of Hinayana, two decades of Mayahana, and three decades of 
sexless Vajrayana, a Tibetan lama may be introduced to Tantrayana sex - and 
that is a bit of a joke, no?  ;-)
Maybe sex is the bait - though the reward for the lengthy period of penal 
servitude may come too late. In any case, the sex has to be non-ejaculatory. 
What a bummer!
In Bhutan, to this day, the people sing the praises of the spiritual adventures 
of Drukpa Kunley, the Tantric Crazy Wisdom adept who is reputed to have 
'brought 15,000 maidens to enlightenment with his 'flaming thunderbolt of 
A well-written, hilarious, deeply insightful and fascinating book on 'Divine 
Madman' Drukpa Kunley by Keith Dowman is available on Amazon for a few 
If one is sufficiently well-grounded in Buddhist Hinayana and Mahayana 
teachings and practice, one may find the book enlightening.
Of course, if one has been raised in a puritanical Christian ambiance, these 
matters are incomprehensible.
Anthony, please do not indulge in any Tantric practices unless authorized by an 
authentic Tantric Teacher, as such violation is believed to lead to insanity.  
PS: Remember, Lord Krishna granted each of 1,000 gopis (milk-maidens), 
simultaneously, the experience of being made love to by him in exactly the 
manner of her desire  - whereas the Judeo-Christian God might have just 
whoop-assed them! :-( 
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> ED,
> They are seemingly the same position, but Vajrayana has a lot of sex rituals. 
> I don't think zen has it. If I am wrong, correct me.
> Anthony

> Bill posted: "When one realizes his original nature, discipline, calmness and 
> wisdom need not be instituted."

> Tibetan Vajrayana and zen appear to have similar positions on this issue.

> --ED

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> >
> > Anthony,
> > All the questions you have asked about having limits or rules to go by are
> answered by one sentence below:
> > "When one realizes his original nature, discipline, calmness and wisdom 
> > need not
> be instituted."
> > And there are no need for rules, multi-fold paths, vows, dogma, rituals or
> attachment to the concept of karma.
> > Entiende? Kao Jai?
> > ...Bill!

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