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> Life is something to be experienced and created. With the heaven and
hell the I spoke of in my poem. Try not to create hell.

Do you think that any person on this forum knowingly and willfully ever
*tries* to create hell?

> It can be a tragic pure hell slippery slope if you don't. Guess who
I'm talking about? Parents.

Parents are humans, often under great stress. Would you not agree that
parents of most or everyone here did the best they knew how for their

> In doing so you find Zen is a natural state of mind.

But a natural state very rarely experienced.

> The heart is guided by or just is an extreme authority figure that has
priority over all. That's what saved me. > Tim

These two sentences need restatement in order to be unequivocally

For instance,

Is the heart guided by an extreme authority figure?

Does the heart have priority over all?

Does an authority figure have priority over all?

Did the heart save you or is it the authority figure that saved you?


Thanks, ED

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