*s*  I guess I've been insulted?? While I was being a bit facetious about Dr. 
Seuss-- actually there is a  fair amount of literature on the zen in Seuss. 
Thanks for the interesting links. :)  Be well.. k
Welle's Wacky World of Psychology: Freud & Dr. Seuss 
Mar 24, 2010 ... Freud & Dr. Seuss. One of my favorite parts of teaching the 
psychoanalytic perspective is all the "inside" psychology jokes that students 

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Occulted Dr. Seuss

For example, let's take the seemingly innocuous modern children's book, Green 
Eggs And Ham. By deciphering the meaning between the lines, the roots of words 

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For more illusional information, (in lieu of k's experiential apprehension of 
Google[sex spiritual (kundalini OR tantra) (ecstasy OR bliss)]
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