Just checking-- I'll keep that in mind .  k

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Yes you have been insulted - provided you have a big I (to be insulted.) ;-)
Be well.
- ED
Some might say that the 
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*s*  I guess I've been insulted?? While I was being a bit facetious about Dr. 
Seuss-- actually there is a  fair amount of literature on the zen in Seuss. 
Thanks for the interesting links. :)  Be well.. k
Welle's Wacky World of Psychology: Freud & Dr. Seuss 
Mar 24, 2010 ... Freud & Dr. Seuss. One of my favorite parts of teaching the 
psychoanalytic perspective is all the "inside" psychology jokes that students 



Occulted Dr. Seuss

For example, let's take the seemingly innocuous modern children's book, Green 
Eggs And Ham. By deciphering the meaning between the lines, the roots of words 


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