...'I believe in the forest, and in the meadow, and in the night in which the 
corn grows'....
- Henry David Thoreau
...'Truth is in things, and not in words'....
- Herman Melville
In all my travels, I had never come across any teaching within the Zen 
community that there is...
- some supernatural being out there responsible for the creation above
- a set philosophy set out in exact or detailed instructions
I personally don't know if there's a god out there, or how/why the earth and 
the universe and all on and within such function the way they do...which brings 
us back to zazen practise itself. In zazen, we're first aware of our breathing 
and posture. This is in the beginning, but which we eventually don't even think 
about because eventually, there's just the sense of nothingness. An absolute 
nothing. There's nothing shamanic about the whole experience either, and so we 
don't come across god, gods, or fairies..or other special beings of some sort 
or another. So what is real exactly? I don't know about anyone else here, but 
the air I breath is real, and so are the grass and trees outside. I can also 
hear the night-time crickets, so they must be real also
On the other hand, we have people who are attracted to Buddhism because they 
think it's a wonderful philosophy. The so-called Buddhist scriptures where 
written...when? Did the man himself dictated such to a scribe? And who decided 
200-300 years after the man's death which were cannonical, and which weren't? 
Also, you have one side saying Nirvana is only for the monks whilst the 
opposition say that it's for all. To complicate matters even worse, humanity in 
the East look like they have invented/made up a complete hodge-podge 
'buddhist' science based on wordings/terminologies, stages of 
wisdom/enlightenment(?), ceremonies/rituals, and so on. Perhaps the best way 
towards 'enlightenment' for such is to go outside and smell the flowers, and 
breath some fresh air for a change. It would certainly get much further than 
holding onto printed matter whose authors we're not even sure of 100%


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