Unmarried mom charges lover of rape
TNN, Aug 20, 2010, 04.52am IST

 AHMEDABAD: A 23-year-old dalit woman has charged her lover with rape
after he dumped her when her baby was born. The police has decided to
do a paternity test on the baby.

Poonam (name changed) had lodged a complaint with the women's police
station and the SC/ST cell which was later transferred to the Vejalpur
police station. A resident of Vejalpur she told the police she was
tricked into a relationship by the youth who promised to get her a job
abroad and to marry her. But after she got pregnant and had his baby,
he rejected her.

Poonam was working with a private telecom operator's call centre on SG
Highway. She claimed she occasionally go out for tea with a colleague
called Hafiz. During one such trip, she was introduced to Muzaffar
Nawaz Husain, a resident of Kalupur. Husain claimed to contacts in the
industry and could help her get a better job. They kept in touch and
got close.

He told her he was in Dubai for five years and had a girlfriend who
had ditched him and he had vowed never to get into a relationship. "He
claimed that she had forced him to change his opinion about women",
said a police officer.

Last year, Husain called her to a guest house near Lal Darwaja and
forced her to have sex. When she protested, he said he would commit
suicide and also kill her parents so that she was left alone. He tried
again, this time calling her to a flat in Vejalpur and she fell for
the bait.

She realised she was pregnant when she was in the fifth month. She
started skipping jobs and important functions. In April, she gave
birth to a child in a private hospital against the wishes of her
family. She was hopeful that Husain would marry her. "However, when
she broke the news to him, he cut all ties with her claiming he was
not the father of the child. Her parents met Husain's family but even
they called it a cheap stunt to force their son into marriage," said
the officer.

"We are in a process of determining the father of the child and are
treating the case as rape. Soon, the accused's statement will be
registered," said a senior Vejalpur police station official.

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