About integration / extension of the MVCTools:
a couple of questions I have so far about ezcMvcHttpRequestParser

1. why is processBody() called within processStandardHeaders()? It should imho not be there, but directly in createRequest(), as request body is not part of request headers

2. why is processBody() only saving the request body in case of PUT? Request bodies are also used with other http verbs, such as POST - for eg. json or xml encoded request bodies (soap, xmlrpc) it would make a lot of sense to save http request body in the request object, as otherwise apps have to go fetching it by themselves (and $_POST is not useful in that case)

3. on a similar vein, no special provision is made for saving the content-type header in the request, but this is a useful header to decide how to interpret the request

4. all http headers received in the request that are considered not important are saved only in the request "raw" member. I'd rather use a call to getallheaders() (or parse all $_SERVER['HTTP_xxx'] variables) to get the complete list of headers received and store them in an array


Maxime Thomas wrote:
+1 !

2011/11/4 Gaetano Giunta<giunta.gaet...@gmail.com>

Iirc there was alreday in the past some such request in the past, but it
never came to pass.

In this era of mashups and webservices, having something more advanced
than a plain curl handle might be a good thingh.

I am offering the source code of my current library, implemented as part
of the ggwebservices extension of ezpublish - you can find it here:

- it does not (yet) follow the zetac coding standards, but it is not too
far away from them imho
- it follows the original ezpublish soap api
- it implements both client and server side; client side can be scrapped
or rewritten based on zc-mvc
- it supports a wide range of protocols: soap, xmlrpc, jsonrpc, rest
- it supports curl and no-curl installations

Any comments are of course welcome


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