Adding to this: I could use some help of course, so anyone also feeling to
volunteer can do so.

My idea was to create a repository with a bash/php script collection that
does the migration and then collaborate on that until we have the final
version to use.

Starting point is here:

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Benjamin Eberlei <>wrote:

> Repost into its own topic for better seperation:
> I volunteered to do a migration of the code to github.
> I will do the following steps:
> 1. Do a SVN to Git migration for every component on its own. Every
> component will have its own repository with issue tracker on Github.
> 2. Rewrite history to add composer.json files to all stable tags
> 3. Push to Github
> Derick already opened an Organization on Github and I guess all current
> committers will get write access to it.
> Adding composer helps us with the deployment issue in the short term and
> in the medium/long term we could maybe setup a pirum channel on github
> pages to enable PEAR installation again. Composer can work with classmaps
> so that the file/class layout is no problem for autoloading and components
> become instantly usable by third parties.
> The next step would then be that committers claim components and we
> determine the deprecated/abandoned/
> maintained state of each of them. Every maintainer is then responsible for
> getting the tests back running with the new schema and adding this to
> travis-ci. I will attempt to do this for one component as a demonstration.
> I can't give a timeframe on this but will highly prioritize this and hope
> to get it done within a week.
> greetings,
> Benjamin

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