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> I'm just uploading all my data to my server and the space used is much more
> than what i'm uploading;
> Documents = 147MB
> Videos = 11G
> Software=  1.4G
> By my calculations, that equals 12.547T, yet zpool list is showing 21G as
> being allocated;
> dpool  27.2T  21.2G  27.2T     0%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
> It doesn't look like any snapshots have been taken, according to zfs list
> -t snapshot. I've read about the 'copies' parameter but I didn't specify
> this when creating filesystems and I guess the default is 1?
> Any ideas?
> "zpool list" output show raw disk usage, including all redundant copies of
metadata, all redundant copies of data blocks, all redundancy accounted for
(mirror, raidz), etc.  This is the total number of physical bytes used on
the disk.

"zfs list" output shows the amount of usable pool storage allocated to the
data.  This is more indicative of what the end-user believes they are
using.  This doesn't include redundancy or anything like that, but does
include some compression and other info (I believe).

There's an excellent post in the archives that shows how "ls -l", du, df,
"zfs list", and "zpool list" work, and what each sees as "disk usage".
Don't remember exactly who wrote it, though.  It should definitely be added
to the ZFS Admin Guide, though.  :)

Freddie Cash
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