On 11/09/2011 18:32, Krunal Desai wrote:
On Sep 11, 2011, at 13:01 , Richard Elling wrote:
The removed state can be the result of a transport issue. If this is a 
OS, then look at "fmadm faulty" for a diagnosis leading to a removal. If none,
then look at "fmdump -eV" for errors relating to the disk. Last, check the 
history" to make sure one of those little imps didn't issue a "zpool remove"

Definitely check your cabling; a few of my drives disappeared like this as 
'REMOVED', turned out to be some loose SATA cables on my backplane.


Thanks guys,

I reinstalled the drive after testing on the windows machine and it looks fine now. By the time I'd got on to the console it had already started resilvering. All done now and hopefully it will stay like that for a while.

Thanks again, saved me some work
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