On 09/12/11 10:33, Jens Elkner wrote:

Hmmm, at least if S11x, ZFS mirror, ICH10 and cmdk (IDE) driver is involved,
I'm 99.9% confident, that "a while" turns out to be some days or weeks, only
- no matter what Platinium-Enterprise-HDDs you use ;-)

On Solaris 11 Express with a dual drive mirror, ICH10 and the AHCI
driver (not sure why you would purposely choose to run in IDE mode)
resilvering a 1TB drive (Seagate ST310005N1A1AS-RK) went at a rate of
3.2GB/min.  Deduplication was not enabled.  Only hours for a 55%
full mirror, not days or weeks.

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