I know there was (is ?) a bug where a zfs destroy of a large
snapshot would run a system out of kernel memory, but searching the
list archives and on defects.opensolaris.org I cannot find it. Could
someone here explain the failure mechanism in language a Sys Admin (I
am NOT a developer) could understand. I am running Solaris 10 with
zpool 22 and I am looking for both understanding of the underlying
problem and a way to estimate the amount of kernel memory necessary to
destroy a given snapshot (based on information gathered from zfs, zdb,
and any other necessary commands).

Thanks in advance, and sorry to bring this up again. I am almost
certain I saw mention here that this bug is fixed in Solaris 11
Express and Nexenta (Oracle Support is telling me the bug is fixed in
zpool 26 which is included with Solaris 10U10, but because of our use
of ACLs I don't think I can go there, and upgrading the zpool won't
help with legacy snapshots).

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