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> Can you import it booting from a newer kernel (say liveDVD), and allow
> that to complete the deletion?

I have not tried anything newer than the latest patched 5.10.

> Or does this not help until the pool is
> upgraded past the on-disk format in question, for which it must first
> be imported writable?

Support is telling me that no matter what, due to the on disk format,
it will take more RAM to destroy the incomplete snapshot... and I
can't do that with the pool imported read-only, and when I try to
import it read-write the import operation tries to destroy the
incomplete snapshot and runs the machine out of memory.

> If you can import it read-only, would it be faster to just send it
> somewhere else?  Is there a new-enough snapshot near the current data?

Support has given us that as Option B, which would be viable for the
backup server, if we had a spare 20+ TB of storage just sitting
around. Copying off is NOT an option for production due to outage
window _and_ lack of spare 20+ storage :-(

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