On Mon, September 26, 2011 14:55, Jesus Cea wrote:
> real    10m0.272s
> user    0m0.809s
> sys     2m6.693s
> """
> 10 minutes to "diff" 7.55 GB is... disappointing.
> This machine uses a 2-mirror configurations, and there is no more
> activity going on in the machine. ZPOOL version 29, ZFS version 5.
> Am I missing anything?

Talking about "7.55 GB" is mostly useless as well. If it's a dozen video
files then stat()ing them all with be done very quickly by just running
find(1). If however the 7.55 GB is made up of 7,550,000 files then going
through them would take quite a long time.

How long would it take for (say) rsync to walk two file systems (or
snapshot directories) to come up with the same list?  Ten minutes may seem
like a lot in 'absolute' terms, but if something like rsync takes an hour
or two to stat() every file, then it's a big improvement.

So the question is: by what metric are you comparing that you came up with
the "disappointing" conclusion? Why is ten minutes disappointing? What
would /not/ be disappointing to you? 8m? 5m? 3.14 seconds?

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