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>  On 09/27/11 07:55 AM, Jesus Cea wrote:
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>> I just upgraded to Solaris 10 Update 10, and one of the improvements
>> is "zfs diff".
>> Using the "birthtime" of the sectors, I would expect very high
>> performance. The actual performance doesn't seems better that an
>> standard "rdiff", though. Quite disappointing...
>> Should I disable "atime" to improve "zfs diff" performance? (most data
>> doesn't change, but "atime" of most files would change).
> I tend to disable atime in the root filesystem and only enable it on a  
> filesystem if required.  So far, it has never been required on any of  
> the systems I look after!

I've found it useful time after time.. do things and then check atime
to see whatever files it looked at..
(yes, I know about truss and dtrace)

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