On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 08:29:03PM -0400, Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> There is only one way for this to make sense:  You did not have mirror-1 in
> the first place.  You accidentally added 4 & 5 without mirroring.  

Not true. 4 & 5 may have been added initially as a mirror, then 5
detached from the mirror and later added as a single drive (rather than
reattached to 4 as a mirror again).   

It can be easy to confuse "add" and "attach" commands.

> The only
> way to fix it is to (a) add redundancy to both 4 & 5

Yes, attach 2 new disks, one to each of 4 and 5, to turn those
vdevs (back) into mirrors.

>, or (b) destroy and
> recreate the pool, and this time be very careful that you mirror 4&5.

Unfortunately, yes, if you can't attach more disks, this is necessary,
since it's not currently possible to remove a top-level vdev.


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