Yeah, okay, duh. I should have known that large sector size
support is only available for a non-root ZFS file system.

A couple more things if you're still interested:

1. If you re-create the pool on the whole disk, like this:

# zpool create foo c1t0d0

Then, resend the prtvtoc output for c1t0d0s0.

We should be able to tell if format is creating a dummy label,
which means the ZFS data is never getting written to this disk.
This would be a bug.

2. You are running this early S11 release:

SunOS 5.11 i386

You might retry this on more recent bits, like the EA release,
which I think is b 171.

I'll still file the CR.



On 10/13/11 09:40, John D Groenveld wrote:
In message <>, Casper.Dik@oracl writes:
What is the partition table?

I thought about that so I reproduced with the legacy SMI label
and a Solaris fdisk partition with ZFS on slice 0.
Same result as EFI; once I export the pool I cannot import it.

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