Banging my head against a Seagate 3TB USB3 drive.
Its marketing name is:
Seagate Expansion 3 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive STAY3000102
format(1M) shows it identify itself as:

Under both Solaris 10 and Solaris 11x, I receive the evil message:
| I/O request is not aligned with 4096 disk sector size.
| It is handled through Read Modify Write but the performance is very low.

However, that's not my big issue as I will use the zpool-12 hack.

My big issue is that once I zpool(1M) export the pool from
my W2100z running S10 or my Ultra 40 running S11x, I can't 
import it.

I thought weird USB connectivity issue, but I can run
"format -> analyze -> read" merrily.

Anyone seen this bug?


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