On Oct 22, 2011, at 13:14, Edward Ned Harvey 
<opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensola...@nedharvey.com> wrote:
> How can you outrule the possibility of "something changed the file."
> Intentionally, not as a form of filesystem corruption.

I suppose that's possible but seems unlikely. One byte on a file changed on the 
disk with no corresponding change in the mod time seems unlikely. I did access 
that file for read sometime I'm the past few months but again, if it had 
accidentally been written to, the time would have been updated. 
> If you have snapshots on your ZFS filesystem, you can use zhist (or whatever
> technique you want) to see in which snapshot(s) it changed, and find all the
> unique versions of it.  'Course that will only give you any valuable
> information if you have different versions of the file in different
> snapshots.
I only have one or two snapshots but I'll look. 

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