We're setting up ZFS in front of an MD3000i (and attached MD1000
expansion trays).

The rule of thumb is to let ZFS manage all of the disks, so we wanted
to expose each MD3000i spindle via a JBOD mode of some sort.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the MD3000i this (though this[1]
post seems to reference an Enhanced JBOD mode....), so we decided to
create a whole bunch of RAID0 1-disk LUNs and expose those.  Great..
except that the MD3000i only lets you create 16 LUNs and we have 44
disks total. :)

Anyone tried this?  I guess our best bet will be to just do all the
RAID stuff on the MD3000i and export one LUN to ZFS.


[1] http://don.blogs.smugmug.com/2007/10/01/dell-md3000-great-das-db-storage/
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