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> Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the MD3000i this (though this[1]
> post seems to reference an Enhanced JBOD mode....), so we decided to
> create a whole bunch of RAID0 1-disk LUNs and expose those.  Great..
> except that the MD3000i only lets you create 16 LUNs and we have 44
> disks total. :)
> Anyone tried this?  I guess our best bet will be to just do all the
> RAID stuff on the MD3000i and export one LUN to ZFS.

    When i have run into this kind of problem (a RAID unit that either
does not support JBOD or one drive per LUN or enough LUNs), I usually
carve the array disks into small sets of RAID0 and present those to
ZFS. Currently I am reusing some old Sun 3511 arrays, each loaded with
12 x 500GB drives. The 3511 supports one drive LUNs, but discourages
their use (it is for support use only according to the documentation),
so I created RAID0 sets of 2 drives each and ZFS sees 6 x 1TB LUNs.
ZFS then provides my redundancy and data integrity.

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