> From: Daniel Carosone [mailto:d...@geek.com.au]
> On Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 06:17:57PM -0400, Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> > You can do both poorly for free, or you can do both very well for big
> > That's what opensolaris was doing.
> That mess was costing someone money and considered very well done?
> Good riddance.

I know this is way OT.  But I'm curious, because I thought it was relatively
well done - The two negatives that I saw before were (a) when people reply
to a message in the forum, it didn't naturally quote the message they were
replying to, so people who received the message via email would not know the
context around the reply...  such as my quoted material of Daniel above ...
and (b) it seemed maintenance heavy.  Meaning there were a significant
(overly significant) number of times that some glitch caused messages posted
on the forums to fail to be emailed or vice-versa, and various other
reliability problems like that.

Were you thinking of these problems when you say it wasn't well done and
good riddance?  Were you thinking of something else?

Even further OT:  During my evaluation, I found regroup.com.  They host a
product for about a third of the cost of jive and other competitors (or you
can negotiate a license if you prefer it over a hosted service), and during
the test drive, it did every thing I wanted, perfectly.  If I were to
consider doing something like this again, they'd be at the top of my list to

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