hi, all
I am a newbie on ZFS, recently, my company is planning to build a
entry-level enterpirse storage server.
here is the hardware list:

1 * XEON 5606
1 * supermirco X8DT3-LN4F
22 * WD RE3 1T harddisk
4 * intel 320 (160G) SSD
1 * supermicro 846E1-900B chassis

this storage is going to serve:
1、100+ VMware and xen guest
2、backup storage

my original plan is:
1、create a mirror root within a pair of SSD, then partition one the them
for cache (L2ARC), Is this reasonable?
2、the other pair of SSD will be used for ZIL
3、I haven't got a clear scheme for the 22 WD disks.

any suggestion?
especially how to get No 1 step done?
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