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hi, all
I am a newbie on ZFS, recently, my company is planning to build a entry-level enterpirse storage server.
here is the hardware list:

1 * XEON 5606
1 * supermirco X8DT3-LN4F
22 * WD RE3 1T harddisk
4 * intel 320 (160G) SSD
1 * supermicro 846E1-900B chassis

this storage is going to serve:
1、100+ VMware and xen guest
2、backup storage

my original plan is:
1、create a mirror root within a pair of SSD, then partition one the them for cache (L2ARC), Is this reasonable?
Why would you want your root pool to be on the SSD? Do you expect an extremely high I/O rate for the OS disks? Also, not a good idea for performance to partition the disks as you suggest.

2、the other pair of SSD will be used for ZIL
How about using 1 pair of SSD for ZIL, and the other pair of SSD for L2ARC

3、I haven't got a clear scheme for the 22 WD disks.
I suggest a mirrored pool on the WD disks for a root ZFS pool, and the other 20 disks for a data pool (quite possibly also a mirror) that also incorporates the 4 SSD, using 2 each for ZIL and L2ARC. If you want to isolate different groups of virtual disks then you could have other possibilities. Maybe split the 20 disks between guest virtual disks and a backup pool. Lots of possibilities.

any suggestion?
especially how to get No 1 step done?
Creating the mirrored root pool is easy enough and install time - just save the SSD for the guest virtual disks. All of this is in absence of the actual performance characteristics you expect, but that's a reasonable starting point.

I hope that's useful...  Jeff


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