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            1 * XEON 5606
            1 * supermirco X8DT3-LN4F
            6 * 4G RECC RAM
            22 * WD RE3 1T harddisk
            4 * intel 320 (160G) SSD
            1 * supermicro 846E1-900B chassis

        I just want to say, this isn't supported hardware, and
        although many people will say they do this without problem,
        I've heard just as many people (including myself) saying it's
        unstable that way.

    I've never had issues with Supermicro boards.  I'm using a similar
    model and everything on the board is supported.

        I recommend buying either the oracle hardware or the nexenta
        on whatever they recommend for hardware.

        Definitely DO NOT run the free version of solaris without
        updates and expect it to be reliable.

    That's a bit strong.  Yes I do regularly update my supported
    (Oracle) systems, but I've never had problems with my own build
    Solaris Express systems.

    I waste far more time on (now luckily legacy) fully supported
    Solaris 10 boxes!

what does it mean?

Solaris 10 live upgrade is a pain in the arse!  It gets confused when you have 
lots of filesystems, clones and zones.

I am going to install solaris 10 u10 on this server.it <http://server.it> that any problem about compatible? and which version of solaris or solaris derived do you suggest to build storage with the above hardware.

I'm running 11 Express now, upgrading to Solaris 11 this weekend.  Unless you 
have good reason to use Solaris 10, use Solaris 11 or OpenIndiana.


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