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1 * XEON 5606
1 * supermirco X8DT3-LN4F
22 * WD RE3 1T harddisk
4 * intel 320 (160G) SSD
1 * supermicro 846E1-900B chassis
I just want to say, this isn't supported hardware, and although many people 
will say they do this without problem, I've heard just as many people 
(including myself) saying it's unstable that way.

I recommend buying either the oracle hardware or the nexenta on whatever they 
recommend for hardware.

Definitely DO NOT run the free version of solaris without updates and expect it 
to be reliable.  But that's a separate issue.  I'm also emphasizing that even 
if you pay for solaris support on non-oracle hardware, don't expect it to be 
great.  But maybe it will be.
I think the key issue here, is whether this hardware will corrupt a pool or not. Ultimately, the promise of ZFS, for me anyways, is that I can take disks to new hardware if/when needed. I am not dependent on a controller or motherboard which provides some feature key to access the data on the disks.

Companies which sell key software, that you depend on working, generally have proven that software to work reliably on hardware which they might sell to make use of said software.

Apple's business model and success, for example is based on this fact, because they have a much smaller bug pool to consider. Oracle hardware works out the same way.

I think supporting the development of ZFS is key to the next generation of storage solutions... But, I don't need the class of hardware that Oracle wants me to pay for. I need disks with 24/7 reliability. I can wait till tomorrow to store something onto my server from my laptop/desktop. Consumer/non-enterprise needs are quite different, and I don't think Oracle understands how to deal in the 1,000,000,000 potential customer marketplace. They've had a hard enough time just working in the 100,000 customer marketplace.

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