On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 5:17 PM, Andrew Gabriel

>  On 11/15/11 23:05, Anatoly wrote:
>> Good day,
>> The speed of send/recv is around 30-60 MBytes/s for initial send and
>> 17-25 MBytes/s for incremental. I have seen lots of setups with 1 disk to
>> 100+ disks in pool. But the speed doesn't vary in any degree. As I
>> understand 'zfs send' is a limiting factor. I did tests by sending to
>> /dev/null. It worked out too slow and absolutely not scalable.
>> None of cpu/memory/disk activity were in peak load, so there is of room
>> for improvement.
>> Is there any bug report or article that addresses this problem? Any
>> workaround or solution?
>> I found these guys have the same result - around 7 Mbytes/s for 'send'
>> and 70 Mbytes for 'recv'.
>> http://wikitech-static.**wikimedia.org/articles/z/f/s/**
>> Zfs_replication.html<http://wikitech-static.wikimedia.org/articles/z/f/s/Zfs_replication.html>
> Well, if I do a zfs send/recv over 1Gbit ethernet from a 2 disk mirror,
> the send runs at almost 100Mbytes/sec, so it's pretty much limited by the
> ethernet.
> Since you have provided none of the diagnostic data you collected, it's
> difficult to guess what the limiting factor is for you.
> --
> Andrew Gabriel
So all the bugs have been fixed?  I seem to recall people on this mailing
list using mbuff to speed it up because it was so bursty and slow at one
point.  IE:

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