Several observations with zfs cifs/smb shares in the new Solaris 11.

1) It seems that the previously documented way to set the smb share name no 
longer works
 zfs set sharesmb=name=my_share_name
You have to use the long-winded
zfs set share=name=my_share_name,path=/my/share/path,prot=smb
This is fine but not really obvious if moving scripts from Solaris10 to 

2) If you use "zfs rename" to rename a zfs filesystem it doesn't rename the smb 
share name.

3) Also you might end up with two shares having the same name.

4) So how do you rename the smb share? There doesn't appear to be a "zfs unset" 
and if you issue the command twice with different names then both are listed 
when you use "zfs get share".

5) The "share" value act like a property but does not show up if you use "zfs 
get" so that's not really consistent

6) zfs filesystems created with Solaris 10 and shared with smb cannot be 
mounted from Windows when the server is upgraded to Solaris 11.
The client just gets "permission denied" but in the server log you might see 
"access denied: share ACL".
If you create a brand new zfs filesystem then it works fine. So what is the 
The ACLs have never been set or changed so it's not that, and the two 
filesystems appear to have identical ACLs.
But if you look at the extended attributes the successful filesystem has xattr 
{A------m----} and the unsuccessful has {}.
However that xattr cannot be set on the share to see if it allows it to be 
"chmod S+cA share" gives "chmod: ERROR: extended system attributes not 
supported for share" (even though it has the xattr=on property).
What is the problem here, why cannot a Solaris 10 filesystem be shared via smb?
And how can extended attributes be set on a zfs filesystem?

Thanks folks
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