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> Hi
> Several observations with zfs cifs/smb shares in the new Solaris 11.
> 1) It seems that the previously documented way to set the smb share name no 
> longer works
>  zfs set sharesmb=name=my_share_name
> You have to use the long-winded
> zfs set share=name=my_share_name,path=/my/share/path,prot=smb
> This is fine but not really obvious if moving scripts from Solaris10 to 
> Solaris11.

Same with nfs, all changed.

> 2) If you use "zfs rename" to rename a zfs filesystem it doesn't rename the 
> smb share name.
> 3) Also you might end up with two shares having the same name.
> 4) So how do you rename the smb share? There doesn't appear to be a "zfs 
> unset" and if you issue the command twice with different names then both are 
> listed when you use "zfs get share".

man zfs_share

     zfs set -c share=name=sharename filesystem

         Removes a file system share. The -c option distinguishes
         this subcommand from the zfs set share command described

> 5) The "share" value act like a property but does not show up if you use "zfs 
> get" so that's not really consistent
> 6) zfs filesystems created with Solaris 10 and shared with smb cannot be 
> mounted from Windows when the server is upgraded to Solaris 11.
> The client just gets "permission denied" but in the server log you might see 
> "access denied: share ACL".
> If you create a brand new zfs filesystem then it works fine. So what is the 
> difference?
> The ACLs have never been set or changed so it's not that, and the two 
> filesystems appear to have identical ACLs.
> But if you look at the extended attributes the successful filesystem has 
> xattr {A------m----} and the unsuccessful has {}.
> However that xattr cannot be set on the share to see if it allows it to be 
> mounted.
> "chmod S+cA share" gives "chmod: ERROR: extended system attributes not 
> supported for share" (even though it has the xattr=on property).
> What is the problem here, why cannot a Solaris 10 filesystem be shared via 
> smb?
> And how can extended attributes be set on a zfs filesystem?
> Thanks folks

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