On Dec 4, 2011, at 8:50 AM, Ryan Wehler wrote:
>> A certification does not mean that any specific implementation operates 
>> without errors. A failed part,
>> noisy environment, or other influences will affect any specific 
>> implementation.
> Would it not be more prudent to re-run the tests after a failure was fixed 
> and try to eliminate environmental variables?  If you were to look up the 
> reason it made it onto the HSL it should be "It just works!", not "it works, 
> but this is why we're seeing errors". That leads to doubt when there are 
> caveats and trying to diagnose like/same hardware in the future.

Perhaps I wasn't clear. When we root cause an error reported during 
certification it is to 
absolve the device under test. For example, if we run a test against a disk and 
see errors
on the wire caused by a backplane or cable, then we must absolve the disk of 
the errors.
If the disk is the root cause of the error reports, then it fails certification.

Do not confuse certification with "it runs forever with no problems in all 
 -- richard


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