2011/12/19 Hung-Sheng Tsao (laoTsao) <laot...@gmail.com>:
> what is the ram size?

32 GB

> are there many snap? create then delete?

Currently, there are 36 snapshots on the pool - it is part of a fairly
normal backup regime of snapshots every 5 min, hour, day, week and

> did you run a scrub?

Yes, as part of the previous drive failure. Nothing reported there.

Now, interestingly - I deleted two of the oldest snapshots yesterday,
and guess what - the performance went back to normal for a while. Now
it is severely dropping again - after a good while on 1.5-2GB/s I am
again seeing write performance in the 1-10MB/s range.

Is there an upper limit on the number of snapshots on a ZFS pool?

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