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I am curious to know if there is an easy way to guess or identify
the device names of disks.

Have a look at the file /etc/path_to_inst.  There you will find all
device instances managed by a particular driver.  The first entry of
each line is the physical device.

If you then look in /dev/rdsk and check which symbolic link of the
form c<N>t<N>d<N>s<N>  points to this physical device, you have your match.

One caveat is that if you move disks around, /etc/path_to_inst will
grow, and there is no guarantee that any device listed in this file is
really present in the running system.

HTH -- Volker

Take a look at 'diskinfo' - should be in Solaris 10U10 and Solaris 11.

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