On Thu 2011-12-22 (10:09), Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> One of your disks failed to return a sector.  Due to redundancy, the 
> original data was recreated from the remaining disks.  This is normal 
> good behavior (other than the disk failing to read the sector).

So those checksum counts were historical?

> Normally one would have done nothing other than 'zpool clear' after 
> thinking about the issue for a while.  If there were many failures to 
> read from that disk, or the failures continue to accumulate for the 
> same disk, then that would have been cause to replace it.
> Doing a 'zpool scrub' is very much recommended in order to flush out 
> data which fails to read while redundancy is still available.

I did a scrub and what worries me is that it came back with 0 issues
when clearly there were considering what happens when I kick 1 disk

Similarly I've seen that 'zpool clear' just sets you up for problems
down the line. It just pretends there aren't errors.

I managed to get the array back by resilvering, deleting affected
files, resilvering other disk, scrubbing etc. but I'm wondering whether
there's a way to diagnose and do this without completely removing and
resilvering an entire disk at a time?

> This is a bummer.  If you had a spare slot (or spare installed disk) 
> you could have installed a new disk and done a replace with the 
> existing disk still live.

Right, didn't think of that. Would've made it safer, but question
above still stands.
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