On Thu 2011-12-22 (09:13), Richard Elling wrote:
> Be happy. Dance a jig. Buy a lottery ticket.
> Notice: scrub repaired 85.5K in 1h21m with 0 errors on Mon Dec 19 06:24:25 
> 2011
> ZFS found corruption and fixed it.

lol, will do next time.

> oops... tempting the fates?
> Transient errors do occur, frequently. Not all errors are persistent or fatal.
> Given the information presented here, IMHO, this system did not warrant 
> further action.

Right, so I guess what happened is the array fixed itself, then 1 of the
drives picked up an error just before I decided to take a different drive
offline - so I caused the corruption. Only noticed the kernel message
afterwards :/
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