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> The box has been performing fairly poorly lately, and we're thinking
> it's due to deduplication:

Based on everything you said, you are definitely being hurt by dedup.  You
should definitely disable it if possible.  Start by simply disabling it, so
any new stuff will stop using it.

As for migration ... As mentioned, there are the disruptive ways etc....
But ...

The only nondisruptive way that I know, may or may not be acceptable to
you...  May be acceptable only for certain subdirs...
Become root
mkdir temp
gtar cpf - somedir | (cd temp ; gtar xpf -)
mv somedir somedir-old && mv temp/somedir somedir && rm -rf somedir-old temp

Obviously, if you do this, you're assuming there are no open filehandles etc
that would prevent you from being able to do this on somedir...  You're
assuming somedir is static for the interim...  It's only nondisruptive if
you can make such assumptions safely.

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