I'm planing to replace my old Apple XRAID, and XSAN Filesystem(1.4.2) Fiber environment.
This setup only hosted a AFP,CIFS for a large advertising agency.
Now that Fiber is damn expensive and for one thing, we do not need the fiber connection
as every client connects with IP.
So iSCSI, AFP, CIFS should be efficient for us.
We have been running this setup since late/early 2006/2007 without problems. No that the hardware/software is warned out and we had pretty damn catastropic filesystem failure lately.

I've been running OpenIndiana on a custom made server with ZFS,CIFS,AFP and all that for couple of months right now. Really good. This server just acts as a temporary solution. Currently has 4x 2TB Enterprise SATA disks in RAIDz1 and expanding
in few weeks with Supermicro AOC-USAS-L8i and 4-8 more disks.
Doing daily snapshots and, yea really love it.

Are there any recommendations regarding HP Servers running OpenIndiana to act as a ZFS
Capacity server ?

The server should only do :
* and of course ZFS underneath

So what I'm looking at is a large capacity server.
We need 12-20TB at the start.

Any other vendors good ?  any servers that comes out of the box and runs
Openindiana 151 with no problems (drivers / hardware ) e.t.c. acting as a capacity server.
And support would be a good option to.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks allot.
Best regards,

Svavar - Reykjavik - Iceland

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