Thanks for your reply and time everyone.

The only reason I asked about HP is that I have good support trough HP reseller here in Iceland. IBM has also a good reseller here too. DELL, not so good and Oracle from the
same reseller is hell here in Iceland.

I also have pretty good reseller for SuperMicro that I have bought many times before. I actually have 5 Supermicro servers in production here, and they are damn good.

The actual question about HP, and or some other vender was regarding say, if a HD disk would fail, controller and or motherboard, I have a pretty good connection(and support) regarding replace'ing them after few hours. So hardware support would be great, and hardware compatibility. Software support is not
what I'm actually looking for.

I'm aware of the RAM regarding ZFS so I would buy RAM heavy server

A closed software solution is not my type of thing.
Firstly, they cost huge money regarding our currency.
Secondly, I have no access (like for Nexenta) into the core of the operating system. I have had great success with OpenIndiana and Napp-IT and using linux in our environment. Thirdly, We do have some limited budget. Time will tell how much, as our currency rocks
like a bad jojo. :s

I think a good solution would be :

* 1U/2U Server with large RAM, good XEON's and correct SAS controllers
* Large external storage chassis connected with SAS (6Gbit right ?)

Any recommandations on external chassis ? Supermicro ?

Thanks allot people.

Best regards,

Svavar - Reykjavik - Iceland

Gary Driggs <>
4. janúar 2012 07:26

They might use the same chipset but their firmware usually doesn't
support JBOD. Unless they've changed in the last couple of years...
Best you can do is try but if you don't see each drive individually
you'll know it's by design and not lack of skill on your part.

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Eric D. Mudama <>
4. janúar 2012 06:36

That was what got us with the HP boxes was the unsupported RAID cards.
We ended up getting Dell T610 boxes with SAS6i/R cards, which are
properly supported in Solaris/OI.

Supposedly the H200/H700 cards are just their name for the 6gbit LSI
SAS cards, but I haven't tested them personally.


Gary Driggs <>
3. janúar 2012 16:03
I can't comment on their 4U servers but HP's 1&2U includwd SAS
controllers rarely allow JBOD discovery of drives. So I'd recommend an
LSI card and an external storage chassis like those available from
Promise and others.

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Frank Lahm <>
3. janúar 2012 15:22

One of them being:

Afaik they're in the process of announing official AFP support (with
Netatalk) soon.

Christopher Hearn <>
3. janúar 2012 15:08

I haven't really seen any 100% commercially supported solutions for this. If you put this configuration on an HP server & call them to report a problem, they're going to most likely deny your request because you're using an unsupported OS. You may be able to get away with using Solaris 11, but you'll pay for it. I suggest looking at NexentaStor & it's partners: Talk to them about what you want to do, they'd most likely be most receptive of "unique" setups. I was able to get AFP working on NexentaStor Community edition. I was not able to get it working with Active Directory (I'd love advice if anyone has it). If anything, their partners would most likely be receptive to supporting the hardware configuration itself & the software would be up to you. Better than nothing at all.


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