On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 12:32 PM, Jesus Cea <j...@jcea.es> wrote:
> So, my questions:
> a) Is this workflow reasonable and would work?. Is the procedure
> documented anywhere?. Suggestions?. Pitfalls?


> b) *MUST* SWAP and DUMP ZVOLs reside in the root zpool or can they
> live in a "nonsystem" zpool? (always plugged and available). I would
> like to have a quite small(let say 30GB, I use Live Upgrade and quite
> a fez zones) "system" zpool, but my swap is huge (32 GB and yes, I use
> it) and I would rather prefer to have SWAP and DUMP in the data zpool,
> if possible & supported.

try it? :D

Last time i played around with S11, you could even go without swap and
dump (with some manual setup).

> c) Currently Solaris decides to activate write caching in the SATA
> disks, nice. What would happen if I still use the complete disks BUT
> with two slices instead of one?. Would it still have write cache
> enabled?. And yes, I have checked that the cache flush works as
> expected, because I can "only" do around one hundred "write+sync" per
> second.

You can enable disk cache manually using "format".

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