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On 07/01/12 13:39, Jim Klimov wrote:
> I have transitioned a number of systems roughly by the same
> procedure as you've outlined. Sadly, my notes are not in English so
> they wouldn't be of much help directly;

Yes, my russian is rusty :-).

I have bitten the bullet and spend 3-4 days doing the migration. I
wrote the details here:


The page is written in Spanish, but the terminal transcriptions should
be useful for everybody.

In the process, maybe somebody finds this interesting too:


Sorry, Spanish only too.

> Overall, your plan seems okay and has more failsafes than we've had
> - because longer downtimes were affordable ;) However, when doing
> such low-level stuff, you should make sure that you have remote
> access to your systems (ILOM, KVM, etc.; remotely-controlled PDUs
> for externally enforced

Yes, the migration I did had plenty of safety points (you can go back if
something doesn't work) and, most of the time, the system was in a
state able to survive accidental reboot. Downtime was minimal, less than
an hour in total (several reboots to validate configurations before
proceeding). I am quite pleased of the eventless migration, but I
planned it quite carefully. Worried about hitting bugs in Solaris/ZFS,
though. But it was very smooth.

The machine is hosted remotely but yes, I have remote-KVM. I can't
boot from remote media, but I have an OpenIndiana release in the SSD,
with VirtualBox installed and the Solaris 10 Update 10 release ISO,
just in case :-).

The only "suspicious" thing is that I keep "swap" (32GB) and "dump"
(4GB) in the "data" zpool, instead in "system". Seems to work OK.
Crossing my fingers for the next Live Upgrade :-).

I have read your message after I migrated, but it was very
interesting. Thanks for taking the time to write it!.

Have a nice 2012.

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