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> Hi all,
> I've got a solaris 10 running 9/10 on a T3. It's an oracle box with 128GB 
> memory RIght now oracle . I've been trying to load test the box with 
> bonnie++. I can seem to get 80 to 90 K writes, but can't seem to get more 
> than a couple K for writes. Any suggestions? Or should I take this to a 
> bonnie++ mailing list? Any help is appreciated. I'm kinda new to load testing.

I was hoping Roch (from Oracle) would respond, but perhaps he's not hanging out 
zfs-discuss anymore?

Bonnie++ sux as a benchmark. The best analysis of this was done by Roch and 
online in the seminal blog post:

I suggest you find a benchmark that more closely resembles your expected 
workload and
do not rely on benchmarks that provide a summary metric.
 -- richard


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