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Dear list,

  I'm about to upgrade a zpool from 10 to 29 version, I suppose that
this upgrade will improve several performance issues that are present
on 10, however
inside that pool we have several zfs filesystems all of them are
version 1 my first question is is there a problem with performance or
any other problem if you operate a zpool 29 with zfs filesystems
version 1 ?

Is it better to upgrade zfs to the latest version ?

Can we jump from zfs version 1 to 5 ?

Is there any implications on zfs send/receive with filesystem's and
pools with different versions ?

You can, and definitely should, upgrade all your zpool's and zfs
filesystems.  The only exceptions to think about are rpool.  You definitely
DON'T want to upgrade rpool higher than what's supported on the boot CD.  So
I suggest you create a test system, boot from the boot CD, create some
filesystem, check to see which zpool and zfs version they are.  Then,
upgrade rpool only to that level (just in case you ever need to boot from CD
to perform a rescue).  And upgrade all your other filesystems to the latest.

I believe in this case it might make sense to boot the
target system from this BootCD and use "zpool upgrade"
from this OS image. This way you can be more sure that
your recovery software (Solaris BootCD) would be helpful :)

But this is only applicable if you can afford the downtime...


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